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Jurnal Ilmiah Internasional Journal of Business and Management Studies (IJBM)

The Alternative Solution for Traffic Problem
in Jakarta – Indonesia

Hary Agus Rahardjo

University of Persada Indonesia, Indonesia.


In line with the economic growth that occurred in Jakarta, as a consequence of its role as a center of government and center of trade in goods and services, population growth has also increased mainly contributed by urbanization. Limited land settlement makes people reside outside Jakarta, even though they work in Jakarta. The number of commuters increases the density of traffic in Jakarta. Meanwhile, the variety of transportation modes mixed together in a single lane of traffic in Jakarta, causing traffic jams in almost every street. The question that arises is how to cope with the traffic density? The purpose of this paper is to figure out what causes the density of traffic that occurs, what its impact is on community activities and how to fix this or what are the alternative solutions to this problem. The fact points out that the application of alternative solutions which is primarily transportation management, have some constraints. In closing it may be said that the most important solution is the political will to encourage the implementation of several alternative solutions.

Keywords: Traffic, Transportation, Management.


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